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Sands Level & Tool Co.®

Since 1895 Sands Level and Tool Co.® has been producing quality levels. Julius Sand, founder of J. Sands & Sons, invented the Sand’s “solid set” vials and the lightweight aluminum level. J. Sand & Sons became one of the largest level manufacturers in the world. In 2005 Kraft Tool Co.® purchased Sands Level & Tool Co.® and continues to manufacturel levels with the same quality and precision as in 1895. The Sands Level and Tool line features a wide range of levels including professional mahogany levels, contractor levels, and torpedo and specialty levels. The Keyhole Level, Digital Level, and Pipe Level are our newest additions to round out your toolbox. Whether you are a woodworker, carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, or other tradesman, Sands is sure to have the level to complete your job.

Quality products for over 125 years.

"Sands Levels Tell the Truth"

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