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KO-20: Kraft Tool's Revolutionary New Material for Construction Tools

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Kraft Tool's new KO-20 material banner

Introducing KO-20™, Kraft Tool's new unique high performing engineered material, developed for the concrete finisher. The KO-20™ material was formulated as a tougher, lighter, and long-wearing alternative to aluminum, canvas-resin, magnesium, steel, and wood. The key factors studied in the innovation of this special material were abrasion, blunt impact, friction, and repetitive wear applications. 

The KO-20™ material is designed with a low coefficient of friction allows for the unencumbered movement across concrete. This fast-paced movement brings up bleed water faster and leaves concrete open for a longer period of time. Self-lubricating properties increases the speed even on rough surfaces while decreasing the overall wear on the blade. Engineered, curved surface lines create just the right grip to evenly distribute and level concrete material. 

The KO-20™ material has an extraordinary wear life. Properties such as superior slide abrasion allows for repetitive abrasive contact with harsh surfaces. The material is blunt impact resistant for extended wear in repetitive applications such as concrete work. With a .01% liquid absorption rate water and chemicals won't breakdown or weaken the material meaning no corrosion or rust!

The KO-20™ is a long-wearing lighter material than aluminum, magnesium, steel. The unique properties of this material doesn't allow concrete to adhere to it like metals for fast, easy clean-up. Our signature Kraft Tool bright orange material is easy to spot on the jobsite.

KO-20™ material is made in America to exacting specifications for superior craftmanship. Kraft Tool is establishing this new KO-20™ material as our Orange Thunder Floats. Available in a 16" and 20" hand float with ProForm® handle and a 36" and 48" bull float.

Purchase your new float today!


KO-20 has high abrasion resistance
KO-20 has a low coefficient of friction
KO-20 has high impact strength
is resistant to many chemicals
KO-20 has a broad range of temperatures
KO-20 is a cost effective choice

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