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Kraft Tool ProForm® Power Trowel Blades

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Kraft Tool Co. manufactures a full line of finish blades, combination blades, and clip-on float blades. These blades fit on both the walk behind and ride-on power trowel machines of all the most popular brands. Each blade is made to exact specifications from high performance abrasion resistant steel. 

Contractors need quality product performance and Kraft Tool blades deliver. Blades are availabe in three grades ProForm® regular steel, ProForm® Ultra Blue, and ProForm® Heavy-Duty Gold. Each blade provides the right flex and wearability for a great finish each time. Ultra Blue blades are slighly thicker and wear 15-25% longer than the standard blades. Heavy-Duty Gold blades are made from thick, rugged steel and wear 25-50% long than standard blades. 

In addition to standard blades Kraft manufactures a number of specialty blades to provide exactly what the contractor needs for the perfect finish. Select sizes of finish and combination blades feature rounded corners or bent blades to eliminate any possibility of gouging. When preparing slabs for polished and decorative purposes Kraft offers white UHMW Poly blades for a non-marring surface. 

Every blade is manufactured at our headquarters in Shawnee, Kansas, to insure quality craftsmanship. Review our Power Troweler Blades Buying Guide to find the right blade to fit your machine.  

Power Troweler Blades Buying Guide